Monday, April 29, 2013

Australian Schools - WE WANT YOU!!

We have been busy hidden away working on our great little grand plans to inject some much needed gamification to the education sector.

Our first target is to provide support to the many great Australian's school initiatives into the great wide world of mobile (tablets and phones/ipods) learning.

There are many great resources out there already and we don't claim to be the first to provide resources to this sector.  However we do believe that there are many gaps that are out there and also there is a great divide between a learning resource that is target at learning and a learning resource that are target at engaging the learners.

This is where our gamification philosophy kicks in.  We aim to take a gaming model to learning.  Our mobile apps will tune down the volume on learning (at least on the surface) and crank it up on fun and motivation.

How well we succeed in this will depends on the balance of the gaming concepts and the learning content integration.  There is definitely a fine line between this and slightly unbalanced on each side will result in something that is trying too hard to be fun and failing or lacking enough educational content for it to be truly useful.

This is where WE WANT YOU (to take a leaf from The Voice).  We are looking for Australian Primary Schools that have iPad programs in place to help guide us through this important stage of the fine tuning process of the potential valuable resources that can be offered to your school.  Our main goal is to offer free resources to the Public Schools of Australia and this is a chance where you can help ensure this free resource is as useful as possible.

We are a small startup with big dreams.  We are currently based in Sydney.  As much as we want to open this invitation to all schools in Australia, I think we need to be realistic and (at least initially) ask for assistance from NSW.  However, hopefully as we all progress down this journey (we have been watching The Voice way too much), we can open this offer and get involvement from all schools around Australia.

If you are a primary school in the NSW SYDNEY region (or part of the P&C of a school) and think this is something that you are interested in being involved in, pop us an email to and ask about our Apps Pilot School Program.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Announcements coming soon.......

Things happens for a reason.  Even though there are a few things that haven't worked out as planned in the past weeks, new doors open and pushes us along and forcing us to dig deep and move forward yet again.

We have been a little hush hush about the many announcements we have and we may be at a stage where we can start telling the world....

How does the saying go?  "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"?  Well, when life doesn't even gives you those lemons what do you do?  We know what we are doing...

We are going to source some quality oranges and make some awesome orange juice to beat those holding on to the lemons for their mates.........

Keep checking back here for some awesome announcements soon........


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Social Media Butterfly are us!

On the path of setting up the many different ways of keeping our communication open to everyone....

follow, like, +, link and whatever else the social media butterfly does to us to keep up to date of our development and releases.



Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 0 at hawt

A lot of things are happening at hawt and it is impossible to keep everything up to date.....   we have many announcements on the way that we are dying to release, however due to discussions, negotiations and all things business we are not able to say anything at all.....    it's normally hard to keep our big mouth shut, and it's especially the case when we are told we can't say anything.....  oh well... good things come to those who wait (and we definitely want to have good things!!)  :)

One thing we can talk about is that we are on the lookout for some fantastic contributors to our dev team....  if you have some mad skills that you think can contribute, drop us a line and let's discuss how we can work together........