Saturday, November 30, 2013

“Tiny Shops Burgers”, fun new game targeting the Australian Curriculum - PRESS RELEASE


“Tiny Shops Burgers”, released in the Apple Store on December 1st 2013, is an educational mobile game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod developed by the innovative software provider, hawt .

“Tiny Shops Burgers” is the first game released by hawt with a focus of financial literacy and is aligned closely to the Money and financial mathematics content areas (ACMNA017, ACMNA034, ACMNA055, ACMNA059 and ACMNA080) of the Australian Curriculum.

Even though “Tiny Shops Burgers” has close alignment with specific content areas of the Australian Curriculum, fun was the main focus and it was designed to be a game first and an educational application second.

One of the prime features of “Tiny Shops Burgers” is that it is localised for Australian kids as it specifically aligns to the Australian Curriculum and has Australian Currency (Notes and Coins) used within the game.  “Tiny Shops Burgers” also allows the use of other currencies and thus creating an international audience/market for the game.  It currently features Australian dollars, US Dollars, New Zealand Dollars as well as a generic currency.  Future updates will incorporate more international currencies.

The android version will be released in mid December/early January 2014.

“Have you got what it takes to run a successful burger franchise? Dealing with customer’s order, managing the queues and most importantly making sure they are charged the right amount. Make sure the customers are not left waiting for the burgers for too long or you are left with no customers at all!

In this game you progress through each week as the manager of the burger restaurant.  As a special challenge you take on VIPs and customers with special requirements at the end of each week.  The greater the challenge, the greater the rewards.”

OK – that’s fine but what do children think?
“The game is awesome and fun.”
“I don’t like maths but I love this game!”
“This is an entertaining and educational program.  I would certainly play this again.”
“We loved the cute characters (VIPs <3) and the design of the game.  The pressure was very motivating and was super addictive.”
Year 3 - Year 6 students from Hurstville South Public School, Sydney, Australia

Again that’s fine, but what about adults?
“This game allows the children to learn at their own pace. At a recent testing session, the children kept playing even after the lesson had finished.  Now that is the test of a good game!”
Phil Rouland, Principal, Hurstville South Public School, Sydney, Australia
“This game can be used by schools and at home, as it has the ability to turn on and off social media with ease.  In addition there is no in app purchasing or advertising, which as a parent is important to me."
Trish Pinna-Cartwright,  mother of three, Penshurst, Australia

– Hours of fast pace fun and loads of challenging levels
– Manage customers in the shop.  Keep them moving along in the queue to keep them happy
– Special VIPs (Very Important People) enter the shop randomly to add to the challenge
– Special events – Family Day, Night Shift and many more
– Use images of real coins and notes from Australia, New Zealand and USA to teach and familiarise kids with the use of their and other currencies
– Plenty of in-game shop items (in game money only – no real In App Purchases with real money) to help the player with improving their results of each level.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tiny Shops Burgers on Kickstarter Australia

Even though Tiny Shops Burgers is extremely close to release, we have still quite a lot of loose end to tidy up before we can wrap up the project for a live release.  We have chose to partner up with Kickstarter to help us in generating some much needed assistance (although a relatively small amount of money) so that we can complete the game sooner rather than later.

Kickstarter also gives us a unique opportunity to involve all of you into the creation and completion of the game.  One of our highest reward in the Kickstarter project will give the backer the opportunity to be transformed into a Tiny Shop's universe character and be injected into the game as a customer.

We've been looking for ways to allow our supporters to be more involved and what better way to do this then being in the actual game itself.

We really appreciate any contribution to the Tiny Shops Burgers project, no matter how big or small.  Thank you all for your continuing support.

You can support us on Kickstarter here